The Trailing Spouse Reimagined

Rylla Resler / Francesca Incocciati / Adriana Quarck
The Trailing Spouse Reimagined
Stories of People Transported by Love
2018. Ca. 180 Seiten. Broschiert.
Ca. sFr. 23.80 / Ca. € (D) 23.80
ISBN 978-3-03869-050-4
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The Trailing Spouse Reimagined23.80

Based on dozens of interviews with men and women who have relocated to Switzerland for their partners' career, The Trailing Spouse Reimagined explores the real challenges and true joys of life abroad as a trailing partner. Expat readers everywhere will be inspired by the personal and professional dexterity of these often-invisible travelers. Swiss readers will learn about their neighbours from abroad. This book is for anyone who has ever moved abroad - or knows someone who has. Read and be inspired.

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