The Naked Swiss

Clare O'Dea
The Naked Swiss
A Nation Behind 10 Myths
2016. 231 Seiten, 22 Abbildungen, 1 Tabelle, 1 Grafik. Broschur mit Klappen.
sFr. 23.80 / € (D) 23.80
ISBN 978-3-905252-90-3
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In this new, updated edition of her bestselling book, cross-cultural journalist Clare O’Dea goes in search of the truth behind the clichés that clothe modern Switzerland. Her examination of the unique nation she calls home reveals a complex and dynamic land, whose citizens are often poorly served by the assumptions we make about them. She also turns up facts many Swiss would prefer to hide. Eleven chapters examine the eleven most prevalent cliches about the Swiss:

• The Swiss Are Swiss
• The Swiss Are Neutral
• The Swiss Are Rich
• The Swiss Are Xenophobic
• The Swiss Are Crooked Bankers
• The Swiss Are Boring
• The Swiss Are Sexist
• The Swiss Helped the Nazis
• The Swiss Have the Perfect Democracy
• The Swiss Are Brilliant
• The Swiss Are European

Clare's career as a journalist spans two decades and three countries. Most recently, she worked at the international news service of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation in Bern, where she covered Swiss politics, culture and business news for nine years. Clare speaks five languages, is the mother of three Swiss children, and became Swiss herself in 2015.

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