Drink like the Swiss

Andie Pilot
Drink like the Swiss
2018. 96 Seiten, mit farbigem Innenteil. Gebunden.
sFr. 24.90 / € (D) 24.90
ISBN 978-3-03869-049-8
Drink like the Swiss24.90

Switzerland has as many drinks as it does mountains, from absinthe to Kirsch, Petite Arvine to Humagne Rouge, healthy pick-me-ups to boozy keep-me-ups. Drink like the Swiss takes you on a titillating tour of this tasty (and tipsy) aspect of Swiss culture. With nearly a hundred recipes - from cocktails to coffee to cocoa - and many delightful curiosities, Andie Pilot's colourful little book leaves no bean unground, and no bottle uncorked.

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