Basel's Hidden Stories

Jeanne Darling
Basel's Hidden Stories
A Child's Active Guide to Basel's Old Town
Jooce Garrett (Illustr.)
2017. 47 Seiten, 42 Abbildungen in Farbe. Geheftet.
sFr. 16.80 / € (D) 16.80
ISBN 978-3-03869-004-7
Basel's Hidden Stories16.80

Set off with your children in search of the ghosts and monsters that are hiding in Basel’s old town. Six stories lead through the narrow alleys to a basilisk, a magic swan, a medieval duel, and more. Engaging maps point you to what remains of the old city, and accompanying activities give kids a chance to add their own creativity.

So head to Basel's streets. All you need to find the trail is this book, a pencil and a child! 


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