The New Beyond Chocolate

Margaret Oertig-Davidson
The New Beyond Chocolate
Understanding Swiss Culture
2019. 222 Seiten, 1 Abbildung, 2 Tabellen. Broschiert.
sFr. 29.80 / € (D) 29.80
ISBN 978-3-03869-070-2
The New Beyond Chocolate29.80

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Completely new, 2019 edition.

For nearly twenty years, Margaret Oertig-Davidson’s 'Beyond Chocolate' has stood as the definitive guide to living and working among the Swiss. Now comes an all-new edition, for an all-new Switzerland—a country that has firmly arrived in a multicultural, globalised age. Oertig-Davidson examines the Swiss through the eyes of hundreds of people who have lived and worked here, and her insight will help any reader gain respect and understanding for the diverse people that make up Swiss society.

From friendship to professionalism, teamwork to leadership, education to etiquette, Oertig-Davidson provides concrete and simple advice to manage the challenges of integration. Go beyond Swiss chocolate, and immerse yourself in Switzerland’s fascinating, modern and multifaceted society.

Margaret Oertig, MA, MEd, originates from Scotland and has lived and worked in Switzerland since 1987. She has wored for many years as an intercultural communication trainer for companies in Switzerland and abroad. Since 2002, she has been a lecturer at the School of Business of the University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). Margaret has a Swiss husband and two adult daughters.

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