Helvetic Kitchen

Andie Pilot
Helvetic Kitchen
Swiss Cooking
Format E-Book: EPUB.
2017. 96 Seiten, 230 Illustrationen.
sFr. 19.90 / € (D) 19.90
ISBN 978-3-03869-041-2
Helvetic Kitchen19.90

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Born in Canada to a Swiss mother, Andie Pilot has many happy memories of time spent in her Bernese grandmother’s kitchen. After training as a pastry chef in Canada, Andie moved to Bern, where she started the website Helvetic Kitchen in order to share her love of simple Swiss cooking with her friends in Switzerland and around the globe.
This adorable little book contains Andie’s favorite recipes—some just like her grandmother made and some modern takes on Swiss classics—as well as her simple line drawings and explanations of many of Swiss cuisine’s curiosities.

"From Älpler-Magronen to Züpfe via such staples as Papet Vaudois, Rösti and a wicked choccy cake from Basel, this great little book hits all the right buttons with its collection of super-easy, super-Swiss recipes. Bravo, Andie!"
Sue Style, author of "Cheese: slices of Swiss culture"


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